Each City park has its own unique qualities whether you want to take a short walk, throw a frisbee, or enjoy the sounds of a creek or the views of the Lake, there is a park for you. The Public Works Department is responsible for landscape maintenance services to preserve and improve the quality of each City outdoor facility. A broad range of equipment and skilled workers maintain and improve the great variety of trees, shrubs, annuals, grass areas, irrigation systems, pathways, park structures (drinking fountains, tennis courts, etc.), and outdoor play equipment.

Lake Forest Park also has a great volunteer support system helping maintain and cleaning up the parks. The Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation, Lake Forest Park Rotary and City Commissions are great contributors in volunteering in City Parks.

Reminder, dogs must remain on-leash at all parks.

What Do You Want to Do In Your Park?

Activity Park
Take a Short Nature Hike Grace Cole Nature Park, McKinnon Creek Trail
Kids Playground Horizon View Park
Walk the Dog Pfingst Animal Acres Park, Horizon View Park,
McKinnon Creek Trail, Grace Cole Nature Park
Toss a Frisbee Horizon View Park, Pfingst Animal Acres Park
Kids Natural Play Area Whispering Willow Park
Have a Picnic Horizon View Park, Lyon Creek Waterfront Preserve,
Pfingst Animal Acres Park, Whispering Willow Park,
Eagle Scout Park
Enjoy a Pier on Lake Washington Lyon Creek Waterfront Preserve
View a Peruvian Naval Officer Bust Pfingst Animal Acres Park
View Salmon in Fall Lyon Creek Waterfront Preserve, Blue Heron Park,
Whispering Willow Park, Pfingst Animal Acres Park
Bird Watching Grace Cole Nature Park
Run, Bicycle, Skate, Walk  Burke-Gilman Trail