Permit Center

COVID-19 Information for the Building and Planning Departments

Updated April 4, 2023

The City of Lake Forest Park's Building & Permit Counter at City Hall is open for in-person appointments starting Tuesday, July 6, 2021. If you would like to conduct business in-person with the Permit Center, call 206-957-2813 to schedule an appointment. Couter hours are 9am - 12pm & 1pm - 3pm, Monday - Friday. We are no longer offering remote services at this time but, you may conduct your business with the permit center by e-mail, phone, or online, and we encourage you to do so.

Permit intakes: For Building new Single Family Homes, Additions or Remodels with structural changes please call 206-957-2813 or email the Permit Coordinator to schedule an appointment for in person intake. We offer intakes on Tuesdays at 1:30pm and Thursdays at 1:30pm due to the Building Officials inspection schedule. For Interior Remodels, Small Building projects, Right of Way, Mechanical, Plumbing or Sewer please email the Permit Coordinator your application and plans. 

Here are some specific guidelines that may apply for the type of permit you are seeking:

Building Permits
Building permit applications are being accepted by appointment or via email at this time. Please call or email the Permit Coordinator to schedule an appointment or submit an application. For permit questions concerning submittal of building plans, call the Building Official at 206-957-2815.   

Building Inspections
The Building Department are now conducting inspections in all homes or businesses for mechanical, plumbing, building, and sewer permits. To schedule an inspection, call the City of Lake Forest Park Building Department inspection line at 206-957-2835. Call by 3:00pm the day prior for next day inspections, if called after 3:00pm the inspection will be scheduled for the following day. Please include the permit #, address, type of inspection and time preference in your voicemail. Please note there will be no inspections on national holidays. If there are any questions, call Building Official at 206-957-2815. No inspection request calls to 206-957-2815 or 206-957-2813 - all inspections go through the inspection voicemail line at 206-957-2835.

Mechanical and Plumbing Permits
Apply for and pay for mechanical and plumbing permits online through the Permit Portal (click on green icon on the right-hand side of this page). If the Permit Portal is not accepting your application, try leaving the license information blank. If it still does not accept your application, email your applications (make sure to fill out both pages of the application) to either the Permit Coordinator or the Building Official.

Sewer and Roof Permits
Applications for sewer and roof permits that would typically be ‘over-the-counter’ transactions can be emailed to either the Permit Coordinator or the Building Official.

Tree Permits
Tree removal permit applications can be submitted in person during the permit counter hours of 9am - 12pm & 1pm - 3pm, Monday - Friday. The application fee of $79.75 is due at the time of application submittal. A notice of application is required to be posted for a minimum of 2 business days (minor permits) or 14 days (major permits) before a permit can be issued. This notice will be issued when you submit a tree removal permit application. Please see click here for more information.

If there is an emergency tree removal that is allowed by LFPMC Chapter 16.14, contact the Assistant Planner or the City Arborist as soon as possible. 

Requests for tree code enforcement investigations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Contact the Assistant Planner or the City Arborist if you want to request a code enforcement action.

Land Use Applications/Revisions
We will continue to process land use related applications (short plats, reasonable economic use, and critical area permits) that are in process. Applicants are encouraged to use electronic mediums to transmit information however, in person intake is still required. Please note that all Request for Regulatory Review/Pre-Applications are replied to in letter form within 2-6 weeks. Email the Assistant Planner if you are preparing to submit a land use permit application or if you would like to set up an appointment. 

Code Enforcement
For code enforcement requests, please contact the Building Official at 206-957-2815 or the Assistant Planner at 206-957-2837. You may also complete the online Code Enforcement Request form or request an appointment to speak with City staff in person.

Help Topics & Permit Applications

Head to our Help Topics page to view and print handouts on some frequently asked planning and building questions.  If you are ready to begin the application process, permit application forms can be found here

Permit Counter Hours

The Planning & Building Permit Counter hours are 9am - 12pm & 1pm - 3pm, Monday - Friday.  Please call in advance for an appointment to speak to planning and permitting staff.

Permit Portal

A new service offered by the City of Lake Forest Park is a public permit portal. Homeowners and contractors can now submit an application for a residential plumbing or mechanical permits online.  The permit portal also offers the public a way to search for any open permit within the City of Lake Forest Park. To get started applying for a permit or to learn how to see current permits in your area click on the green Permit Portal icon. For more information on how to apply online visit our FAQ page.


To schedule an inspection, call the City of Lake Forest Park Building Department inspection line at 206-957-2835. Call by 3:00pm the day prior for next day inspections, if called after 3:00pm the inspection will be scheduled for the following day.