Lake Forest Park Comprehensive Plan 2015

2015 Comprehensive Plan Update

Lake Forest Park City Council adopted the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update on January 14, 2016.

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Volume 1: Goals & Policies

Volume 2: Background Analysis


Visioning Report

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Attachment B: Big ideas exercise results

Attachment C: Telephone survey report

Attachment D: Visioning workshop materials

Attachment E: Visioning workshop audience responses

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About The Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan, as required by the Growth Management Act (GMA), is a guide for Lake Forest Park's physical and economic development. This Comprehensive Plan contains land use designations and a policy framework that will guide development within Lake Forest Park over a twenty-year period. The plan also contains goals and policies that help define the City's role in environmental protection, housing, economic development, human services, capital facilities, parks and recreation, utilities, and transportation. 

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application
Periodically, the plan must be updated to reflect changing conditions. The City of Lake Forest Park accepts applications for amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map on an annual basis. View the public notice here.  The application period begins on December 6th and continues for 60 days. The deadline for applications is February 6, 2020. The 2020 Amendment Application can be found here.  You may view the public notice here.  

After the application periods ends, the planning director compiles a preliminary docket of all complete applications. The City Council reviews the preliminary docket and decides whether or not proposals meet the criteria set forth by LFPMC 18.14. The City Council is under no obligation to approve amendment proposals. If City Council gives its initial consent, any approved proposals are placed on a final docket. The Planning Commission holds a public hearing on each application on the final docket and subsequently makes a recommendation for each to the City Council. The City Council will make a final decision on each proposed amendment by December 15th of the current year. Concurrent rezones, which are required for site or project-specific comprehensive plan amendments, will also be decided by this date. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Lake Forest Park Planning Department at 206-368-5440.