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Citizen Request for Service Form

  1. City of Lake Forest Park
    17425 Ballinger Way NE Lake Forest Park, WA 98155 206.368.5440 Phone: 206.368.5440 FAX: 206.364.6521
  2. Complete this form to help the City identify areas within its boundary that are hazardous or need attention, such as repair of street or potholes, reporting of hazardous sidewalk condition, street or gutter drainage problems, catch-basin stoppages, street sign issues, traffic signal outage.
  3. Reported location must be within the City of Lake Forest Park city limits. The exact reported location/site address is required
    The completed form can be submitted 1) via the website; 2) printed and mailed or FAXed to City Hall; or, 3) hand delivered to City Hall.
  4. Please use one form per request!
  5. Contact Information
  6. Request Call Back
  7. Exact Location of Issue is Required
    An exact address is required. If the address is unknown, staff may not be able to properly investigate your concern.
  8. Use this section to upload a photo of the problem or issue; or to submit a document supporting this request for service.
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