Neighborhood Block Watch

The Neighborhood Block Watch is a practiced concept of neighbors looking out for one another, working with the police, and sending the message to potential criminals that eyes of residents are actively keeping watch for suspicious and criminal activity.  Through the Block Watch program, we can use citizen participation to reduce residential burglaries as well as other crimes.  We understand that citizens know better than we do what type of activity is normal and not normal within the boundaries of their neighborhood, so we highly welcome their extra eyes and ears.  Through a preventive and proactive partnership between the citizens of Lake Forest Park and the Police Department, and a common goal of keeping our neighborhoods safe, we are actively searching for new members to join the Block Watch movement and help us to achieve that goal.

  • If you are interested in joining a block watch group, or starting one yourself, contact the Lake Forest Park Police Department Block Watch Coordinator at 206-364-8216 to discuss the program.

Do It Yourself Crime Prevention Packet

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Do-It-Yourself Crime Prevention

Home Security Checklist

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Neighbor Helping Neighbor Packet

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