Costs, Fees and Payment Options

Payment Options

Cash, in exact change; personal check (include the citation number); cashiers check; money order; and credit card payments made through nCourt are all acceptable forms of payment for fines. The fee schedule is listed on this page.

Payment can be made on the second floor of City Hall during office hours. A secured drop box is located on the west side of the City Hall building to the left of the 1st floor main entrance. Payments or correspondence may be left in the drop box after hours. A payment kiosk (credit and debit cards only) is located in the Court lobby, and is available during regular business hours.

The online payment website at nCourt is currently unavailable.

PLEASE NOTE: Credit card payments will not reflect on your account until all funds have been confirmed as deposited in the Court's bank account.

Time payments receipted after the 20th of each month may not be posted to your account for up to 5 days and/or the following month.

To pay by phone, call 1-800-701-8560 or 206-905-7447 and have your citation number when you call.

Court Cost and Fee Schedule

Appeal Record Preparation $40

Blood Alcohol Content (Driving Under the Influence / Negligent Driving First Degree / Probable Cause) $125

Booking Fee $460 / King County Jail, $75 Lynnwood City Jail

CD Audio Duplication $10 per CD

Certified Copy Fee $5

Contested Hearing Costs $15

Criminal Conviction Filing Fee $43

Criminal Court Cost Recoupment $200

Criminal Traffic Penalty Fee $102.50

Deferred Finding $175/6 months

Deferred Prosecution Fee $250/Probation $1000

Delinquent Parking Fee $25

DNA Collection $100

Domestic Violence Assessment $150

Drug Patch $10/per patch

Drug Patch Analysis Fee $25+ / per patch

Electronic Home Monitoring Ankle Bracelet $14 / day

Electronic Home Monitoring Sobrietor $10 / day

Expungement of Misdemeanor Record $150

Fail to Respond / Appear / Pay $52

Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervisions Transfer $80

Mandatory Insurance Administrative Costs $25

Photocopies: Public Disclosure / Other $.15 /page / Other $.35 /page

Prisoner Room & Board /Daily Maintenance $110 King County Jail / $65 Lynnwood City Jail

Probation $500 / 2 years, $1000 / 5 years (Active)

$250 / 1 year

$350 18 months

$400 / 2 years (Court)

Public Defender Recoupment Sliding Scale / Minimum $350 Driving Under the Influence

Returned Check $40

Stipulated Order of Continuance $150 + Probation

Time Payment Agreement Set-up Fee $10

Witness Fee $10

Work Crew $15 / day

Work Release (King County Jail) $150+ / day