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Municipal Court

  1. Address Update
  2. Declaration of Inability To Pay Fine & Request for Payment Plan

    Complete this form if you are asking the Judge to give you time to pay your fine(s) on the ticket(s) noted below. The Judge will review... More…

  3. Electronic Juror Qualification and Information Form

    This form is used for juror qualification, information, and voir dire proceedings.

  4. Judicial Speaker's Request Form

    Judicial Speakers Bureau Speaker's Request Form

  5. Request to Defer Traffic Infraction
  6. TEC-Hearing (Traffic Electronic Court Hearing)

    Hearings submitted electronically

  7. Youth Court Agreement

  1. Application for Assignment of Public Defender
  2. Declaration of Non-Responsibility (vehicle)

    Complete the Declaration of Non-Responsibility if you were not the driver.

  3. Good Cause Form
  4. Promissory Note for Public Defense Services
  5. Request to Quash Bench Warrant
  6. Time Pay Agreement

Police Department

  1. Customer Service Comment Form
  2. Traffic Complaint / Request for Service

    This is the Traffic Enforcement Request Form

  1. Sign Up for Alert Northshore

    Alert Northshore allows officials to text, email, or phone all or targeted areas in Lake Forest Park and Kenmore in case of an... More…

  2. Winter Wellness Check Application

    If you are interested in participating in the Winter Wellness Check Program, please fill out and submit this form.