How many trees can I remove?

If you wish to remove one or more significant trees from your property, or you wish to remove any tree in an environmentally critical area*, you will need a permit. Significant trees are defined as any tree that has diameter** of 6" or greater. Trees under 6" in diameter** can be removed without a permit as long as they are not in an environmentally critical area* or tree conservation easement and as long as they were not replacement trees for a previous permit. Read the full ordinance in the Lake Forest Park Municipal Code.

Exemption: Dead Trees - If the tree is completely dead, you can remove it without a permit, but first please email photos of the tree to the Planning Department to confirm the dead tree meets the definition of dead. If the tree is in an environmentally critical area, the stump must remain in the ground, and the City recommends leaving the bottom 12-18 fee of the tree for wildlife habitat. 

*Contact the Planning Department to find out if the tree is in an environmentally critical area. **Diameter measured at 4.5 ft above grade.

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