How do I apply for a Residential Plumbing or Mechanical permit online

To apply for a permit online, you will find the option to register for an account at the top of the Online Permit System page.  It is required to read and accept the general disclaimer information to continue registration.  Fill in the login information and contact information.  When completed, you will see a message stating you have successfully registered an account.

After registering, go back to the home page to login with your new account.  To begin the permit application, chose the building option and then choose “Create an Application,” accept the disclaimer and continue the application.

 Select your record type, mechanical or plumbing, and click to continue the application.  Fill in the permit and owner information and choose to continue the application. 

Fill out Applicant information and use the search button to fill in the licensed professional information.   Save and close to continue the application.                                                                                                              (If the contractor is new to the city, you will need to contact Lake Forest Park City Hall at 206-368-5440.)

On the next page, fill in the permit detail and continue,  in the custom field for each item, enter the quantity required for your permit.  Continue the application and upload any specifications or documents related to your project.

Review and verify all information entered to this point and continue.  View all related fees associated with the items and quantities selected and continue.

Enter a payment method and fill in the required information to submit your payment.

       The City of Lake Forest Park does not retain any credit card information entered.

View and print your receipt.  You will receive your permit via email in two business days.

                   This Online Permit System was implemented on October 7, 2019. During the first 30 days, document delivery may be delayed. If you have not received your permit via email within 5 business days please contact Lake Forest Park City Hall at 206-368-5440.

Note:  At any time during the application process, you can save your application and resume entering data at a later time.


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