I received a camera ticket in the mail. What do I do?

You can request a hearing to mitigate or contest the violation. Be sure to submit your request by the due date listed on the front of the Notice of Infraction and indicate your preference for a hearing by mail, email (called a TEC hearing) or virtually via Zoom.  

Was the light red when you entered the intersection? Was the school zone light flashing? Did you make a complete stop before making a right turn at a red light? 

Video evidence is available for your review. You can view the video and photographs for your ticket at ViolationInfo.com with the Notice and PIN number provided in the upper right corner of the notice of infraction.   

Were you driving the vehicle?  

Photo enforcement violations are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. If the vehicle was in the custody or control of someone else when the violation occurred, you can submit a Declaration of Non-Responsibility (“DNR”) form. A photo ticket will be dismissed if the registered owner submits a sworn DNR form.  

A camera ticket is similar to a parking ticket: 

Camera tickets DO NOT:

  • Go on your driving record.
  • Go to your insurance company. 

Camera tickets CAN:

  • Place a hold on car registration and tabs for failure to pay.

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