What is service income apportionment?

Service income apportionment is a method of determining the amount of tax due to LFP when business activities occur in more than one location. Below are links to apportionment resources: https://dor.wa.gov/education/industry-guides/photography-tax-guide/apportionable-bo-tax-classifications and http://dor.wa.gov/Content/FindTaxesAndRates/BAndOTax/ApportionableActivities.aspx

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1. Does Lake Forest Park (LFP) have a local business and occupations (B & O) tax?
2. How often do I have to submit tax reports?
3. When are tax returns due?
4. Do I have to file a tax report if I have no gross receipts in LFP during the quarter?
5. What classification should I report for LFP local B & O tax?
6. How do I notify LFP if my address has changed?
7. What is service income apportionment?