What do I do if I receive an infraction?

Begin by carefully reading your citation. You must respond to the infraction within thirty (30) days from the violation date. A failure to respond will result in the suspension of your driver’s license, further penalties, and collections. Respond by completing the information in the box in the upper right corner of the citation and either mailing the citation to the court or bringing it in person to the court clerk's office. Court dates will not be given out over the phone. Select one of the boxes in the upper right corner and verify your address. 

Select box 1, Pay, you are electing to pay the infraction in full. 

Select box 2, Payment Plan, you are admitting responsibility but seeking time payments due to a current inability to pay.  

A hearing notice will be mailed to you if you choose box 3 or box 4.  

Select box 3, Mitigation Hearing, if you accept responsibility but wish to explain the circumstances or seek a reduction in penalty or box 4, Contested Hearing, if you deny responsibility and want to challenge the allegation. The hearing notice will include information to request a hearing by mail, email (called a TEC hearing), or via Zoom.

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