Sign Up for the Winter Wellness Check Program

The Winter Wellness Check Program is being run as a partnership between the City and its Police Department, and Northshore Emergency Management Coalition (NEMCo).

This new program involves proactively engaging with members of the community who feel in need of assistance during the cold winter months. The Winter Wellness Check Program will run until March 1, and will possibly be extended if weather forecasts warrant.

Anyone who signs up for the program will be engaged with on a tiered basis. The first tier in this proactive response will be a phone call from a NEMCo volunteer checking to see if there are any weather-related needs that can be addressed. Typically, this phone call will occur if the region is experiencing low temperatures and the forecast calls for these temperatures to continue for three or more consecutive days. The second tier of this response will be an in-person wellness check, normally performed by a Police Officer when temperatures are, or are projected to be, below freezing for longer than 24 hours. In situations where the area is experiencing power outages, either tier may be implemented depending on the duration of the outage.

While this program is not intended to be a guarantee of aid from the City, it will hopefully allow us to anticipate weather-related issues and connect community members with the appropriate resources before situations become potentially life threatening. 

Sign up for the Winter Wellness Check Program here.